A Year to Remember Collection 1930's 1940's 1950's 1960's

A Year to Remember Collection 1930's 1940's 1950's 1960's

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Running Time:
9 Hours & 45 Minutes
each 3 DVD Set

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The 1930s 3 x DVD set
Experience the turbulent decade leading up to World
War II, featuring the feats of Amelia Earhart and
Malcolm Campbell, the first telephone call between
Britain and Australia, the lead up to coronation of the
“reluctant king” George VI, the launch of the Zeppelin
airships, and, who could forget Fred Perry winning
Wimbledon! The 1930s make up an era of great and
lasting political change and proves for fascinating

The 1940s 3 x DVD set
This DVD set takes the viewer from World War II,
through victory to an age of austerity in a newly
divided world. Post-war, the United Nations and NATO
were formed, and the Iron Curtain fell, dividing Europe
and Berlin. In the UK wartime rationing continued,
Princess Elizabeth was married, and the Welfare State
and the NHS were inaugurated. Be inspired as you
watch the world beginning to heal itself after the
events of World War II.

The 1950s 3 x DVD set
Witness the triumphant rise from post-war austerity
to consumer boom of the late 1950s. It was a
challenging time for politicians as they dealt with the
Suez Canal Crisis, the Soviet H-Bomb testing, the rise
of rock and roll, and the birth of the “teenage” culture.
Watch as the whole country was united in grief with the
passing of King George VI, and then with pride at the
coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

The 1960s 3 x DVD set
Explore the decade that “swung” under the threat of
atomic war through the assassination of John F. Kennedy,
the Cuban Missile Crisis and the ongoing bloodshed of
the Vietnam War. Celebrate England’s victory in the 1966
World Cup and see the music scene of the Swinging
Sixties truly set with the emergence of Beatlemania,
before ending on the almighty high of one of mankind’s
greatest triumphs: the Apollo 11 moon landing!

Running Time: 9 Hours and 45 Minutes each 3 DVD Set